• Exposure to Diversity
  • Self Esteem Boost 
  • Attune to Nature
  • Develops Independence
  •  Instills Leadership Skills 
  • Creates Memories
  • Social Skills
  • Gets Them Active
  • Develops Interests
  • Occupies Summer

This program will educate youth on the importance of their presence on social media. Though there is a heavy impression that deleting posts will delete the consequential affects, youth will learn that once something is submitted online, it is never actually gone. One of the top goals of this program is to strengthen confidence and enhance  appropriate communication  skills in the social media world so that fostered and adopted youth  understand  the  abundance of  opportunities to  change or extinguish improper behavior online are rooted in their future survival as adults.

Goal:  To emphasize the impact social media has on the world; promote positive self-image, self-esteem, creativity and acknowledgement of self-worth. 

Requirements:  SFostered or adopted child(ren) with documented permission from parent(s)or guardian(s).

A Dollar and A Dream

Shadow of Success


“Shadow of Success” provides an opportunity for youth to shadow professionals, some of who are success stories of fostering and adoption, in their desired career path. Local businesses, professionals, educators, service members etc., will provide youth with the opportunity to shadow them monthly. This includes but not limited to, event planning, completion of job tasks, and hands on experiences. (This program will also shed light of the reality that most people live abundant lives without going to the NFL, NBA or being a rapper.)

Goal:  To have a tangible resource and real life example to model for youth what it takes to be successful in their chosen career path

Requirements:  Youth must be able to adhere to all professional requirements outlined by the organization to be eligible to be on site. Questionnaires will be completed by the youth to express their chosen career path. Lastly youth will select and research a local business owner. The youth will be supervised by a staff member to facilitate contact with business owners.

Incentives for Kids Inc. provides mentorship services for at risk youth. Building relationships with schools, youth and parents, our focus is to reduce the dropout rate, enhance self-esteem and provide leadership development. We maintain a steady presence in the lives of the family and school. We seek to utilize the help and advice of parents, teachers and staff in order to successfully assist the mentee.

Goal:  To positively guide the educational and emotional journey of mentee’s through different programs that result in incentive giveaways while assisting teachers, parents and guardians with their contributions on the mentee’s life. (i.e. Six Flags season passes for students with the highest end of school year GPA or STAAR test results for selected schools)

Requirements:  Independent session with mentee: (select a time frame: as needed per school officials and mentee), classroom observations, collaboration with teachers, and parental contact regarding student challenges and progress.


Incentives for Kids Mentor Program



Let Me Do Your Time

  • ​Let Me Do Your Time
  • Destination Success Program
  • Kid Mentor Program
  • Trendsetter Fashion Show
  • Orange Is Not For Blacks
  • Foster/Adoption Events
  • After School Program
  • Summer Camp
  • Resource Center
  • Navigating through Change

This program is designed to educate former and current youth of the foster care system about music and also teach the process of how disc jockeys bring music lovers together though the art of spinning tracks while at the same time providing a safe environment for youth to learn the process while keeping them off the streets.​

Goal:  To decrease the growing rate of community dangers though the art of spinning tracks while at the same time teaching the creation of musical combinations that move people. ​

Requirements: Fostered or adopted child(ren) with documented permission from parent(s)or guardian(s).Participants must receive documented permission from parent or guardian and show an interest in wanting to participate in the program.

Nothing is more important

than your family

"Let Me Do Your Time" is a program that utilizes stories of the formerly incarcerated in order to sway youth from making similar mistakes as those who journeyed the wrong path before. This program is executed in a forum setting where youth will have the opportunity to ask questions. The ultimate goal is to avoid making negatively life changing decisions.

Goal:  To persuade youth from making decisions that eventually result in incarceration.

Requirements:  Students must be enrolled in alternative schools that aim to place youth back into what is viewed as a normal school setting.

F.A.M.ily Support Group

“Fostering and Adopting More”  is a support group for parents in the foster/adoption world. This program is designed to serve as an outlet for discussions on how to handle handling issues relative to adopting/ fostering, provide network opportunities, and allow different representatives such psychologists, parents, teachers, or former adoptee/foster kids to give presentations about their experiences.  This event is held EVERY LAST WEDNESDAY of each month at Ruby Young Elementary School. 

Goal:  To provide a safe environment for the release of mentally effective struggles related to foster care and adoption. 

Requirements:  Fostering and adopting parents.

Are You Who You "Post" To Be