Nothing is more important

than your family

Stemming from a Kentucky born family of 5 siblings, Josiah ended up in Texas’ foster care system after mom escaped the state of Kentucky in order to avoid separation from her children at the hands of officials in their home state. 

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Simply put, we're looking for you to be a part of this with us. We sincerely want to revolutionize reality TV. We aim not only to make a great TV show, but to send a genuine message about adoption to the world. In order to do so we need $300,000 to create 13 broadcast quality fantastic episodes of Foster to Family for our first season.  We are looking to start official production 

soon and now we're looking for your contribution to film what we have and deliver a full season.  

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Youngest of the boys with an energetic personality Andrew 

is always ready with a question for anyone. Andrew experienced a life of abuse in and out of the foster care system before later being adopted by mom.



Robert's life was nonexistent in his memory because he entered the system at the age of 3. While migrating through 4 foster homes before reaching mom, Robert developed uncontrollable anger issues but those issues dwindled throughout the years of love and care  from mom.

Dallas native and eldest of the boys, Marcus, was born into a life of illegal activity. Surrounded by drugs, guns, incarcerated male figures and pornographic material up until the age of 8. Marcus was eventually placed with mom where she later adopted him into the family. 



** Each of the boys come from different backgrounds facing unique challenges.​



is more important

than your family!

They all defied adversity, but the real challenges are yet to come. Watch as they face life's challenges, embrace celebrations with smiles, anger, love and more.​

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Were want to rewrite the reality TV experience, our crew is bare bones.
Foster to Family aims to do something that reality TV has failed to do for a awhile, spread a REAL message and inspire hope while entertaining. 

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The series shows non-profit & CEO Kentria Arkansas as she raises her four adopted boys. Juggling a busy career, and a wacky family that includes Marcus (15), Andrew (9), Robert (13), Tristan (13) and Josiah (14). 

Quality TV with a Purpose!

Single mom, Kentria, has been fostering children for 11 years and after working with at-risk youth, she adopted four boys.  Kentria developed such a strong love in what she does, she thought surrounding communities should be able to reap the benefits of her idea to positively influence growing youth by providing incentives just as she does with her family.

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